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AM Blue and Red for the old vets One happy shooter and two worn out Field trialers, at the end of the day AM judges Nick Koumoundouros and Tom S Felinski Open judges Mitch Patterson and Linda Patterson Open judges Mitch and Linda Patterson congratulate Ed  on AM Placement. AM judges Nick and Tom congratulate Ed on a trial well done Justin, Vince and his brothers. Great job guys! Derby 2nd, Open RJ and AM 4th. Hal,Linda, Tommy and Mitch still smiling after a long day. Vince says 'way to go' Char Lots of ducks In the Zone, walking to line in the AM Dale running the AM Great weather for talking with friends Great view for watching the AM final series Two great vets watching closely everyone is watching closely, final series of the AM Final series of the AM clean return for a wrap

Rockwall Retriever Club Field Trial
March 8 - 10, 2016

Judges for this trial:
Open All-age: Mitch Patterson and Linda Patterson
Amateur All age: Nick Koumoundouros and Tom S Felinski

Click images for larger views. Please note, images are based on my recall and may not be 100% accurate.

Open First series Open Second series

Open Land Marks

Open Land Blind

AM Land Blind AM water marks

Amateur Land Blind

Amateur Water Marks

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