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Can't believe these two are still smiling! Stuck in the mud pulling out trucks This one is really stuck but gets their dogs to the line no matter what! moving dogs to the line, one at a time, using an ATV. watching the fun unfold resting between ATV runs to the line Qual land blind Watching and waiting Sharon and Manny going to the holding blind Char has a 12 whistle plus land blind...another one bites the dust what was that, poison bird? Sharon sends Manny Mark and Becky's boy. Hot breakfast before heading out Oh boy, we are having fun now. Test dog coming to line for the third. All trucks on safe ground for the third series.

Piney Woods Retriever Club Dec 2015 Trial
December 11 - 13, 2015

Judges for this trial:
Qual and Derby: Dan Hurst and Janet Kimbrough

Click images for larger views. Please note, images are based on my recall and may not be 100% accurate.

qual First series qual Second series qual Third series

Qualifying First Series. Does not look hard.
Wrong, 49 start and 25 make it back to the 2nd series.

Qualifying Second Series, Land Blind. 25 start
and 15 come back to the 3rd series.

Qualifying Third Series. 15 start and 5
are back to the last series.

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