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Dad has a great view of the Amateur Land Blinds What a great day for a field trial Taking a rest from puppy socialization Getting the Amateur set-up Taking my picture again Judge talking to gunners A final look at test throws Are we having fun or what Amateur first series Dolly with the evil eye on the camera Dolly the Flower Child Manny and Mom on the line Manny is moving Mom! Tommy and Marv enjoying the view Ready, set, send Gallery watching test dog Gallery at the AM Is it my turn yet? I don't want to watch test dog Mom Wating for Open Water Blind Private ATV rides to the Open Water Blind (tips welcome) Shooting the breeze Test Dog to line Derby view from the mound Butch on the line in the Derby Mom is smiling, good job Butch Tommy said he was in the 'Witness Protection Program' It went like this Coming and Going Amateur 2nd series Marv loves his dogs Great grounds, nature at its best Tons of work, but still smiling Hold that line Sheriff

Flat River Retriever Club of Michigan
Fall 2016

Judges for this trial:
Limited All-Age: Greg Lister / Howard Simson
Owner/Handler Amateur All-Age: Dick Kaiser / Jeff Hintz
Qualifying and Derby: Phil Heye / Rob Fraser

Click images for larger views. Please note, images are based on my recall and may not be 100% accurate.

Open Land Marks Open Land Blind Open Water Blind

Open First Series, Land triple.

Open Second Series, Double Land Blind.

Open Third Series, Water Blind

AM Land Marks AM Land Blind Derby 3rd series

Amateur First Series, Land Triple

Amateur Second Series, Land Blind.

Derby Third Series

Filler Image 1 Derby 4th filler image 2

Hoping and praying for the that long line in the water!

Derby Fourth Series

Watching and Waiting

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