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Pat and Char watching Lucky hold the current Vince and Lucky listening to everything word Ed and Greg watching and thinking Vicky getting ready to run Judy and Laura discussing the run Char and Lucky having a blast Time for the next dog Char reading notes in her head Good job Question Pat ... Thinking of more notes in the head Karma and Silvia watching Here we go Big straight up cast! Char has a question Be clear with your cast Did Char actually remember everything Shoot, can't believe I did it Vince catching everything Trucks lined up for the next test Pat and Vince setting up the next test What is Pat setting now? King watcing and wating for his turn Trying out Ed's binoculars Lucky holding the line Lucky lines the blind! Wow, Char is in shock! Time for a little roll Great weather for training and watching

Texas Boot Camp with Pat Burns
January 26 - 30, 2016

Fun Time had by all... training and learning!

Click images for larger views. Please note, images are based on my recall and may not be 100% accurate.

? ? ?

Double Water Blind:
Very strong cross wind!

Land Water Marks:
Day five, last set of marks

Marks and Blind:
notes to follow

panic drill ? ?

Panic/warm-up drill:
Five blinds run for three days

Land Double:
Day Two Double

learns some control at the line

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