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'Winning isn't everything--but wanting to win is'

Vince Lombardi

Training with Friends

Fun at Trials
 Lucky and char, 1st in Qual for QAA. Manny and Mom 2nd in Derby and 3rd in Qual!  Lucky and Char get their first Qual finish  Mom and Roadie, first Derby placement  Mom and Roadie, 2nd place in Derby  Marty 1st place in Qual. Team effort; Mom runs first series & Char runs the remaining three.  smiles for Marty QAA, Team Calumet at work!  Char pinch hits, and comes home with 3 finishing dogs  Mom and Char have fun. 2nd with Blue in AM, 3rd with Shire in AM and Derby 1st with Yo.  Manny takes 2nd in Derby

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Amateur owned and trained Field Trial Labrador Retrievers since 1968. Calumet is dedicated to raising and training Labrador Retrievers.

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